About Kombination Seafoods

Kombination Seafoods is your local fish monger bringing fresh local seafood to you! Inspired by a lifelong passion for the ocean, we supply local sustainable seafood sourced off local fisherman bringing you the freshest and highest quality seafood available in Perth.  Call us now to place an order.

The Kombination Seafoods team.

All About Lisa

Kombination Seafoods is lead by our passionate owner and fellow sandgroper Lisa, who is dedicated to serving up the finest, local wild caught, and sustainably sourced seafood in the region.

Lisa’s love for the ocean and seafood came from her family, like a lot of West Aussies.  Growing up surrounded by such beautiful coastline and rivers, all of her spare time as a kid was spent in, under or on top of the ocean.  From deep-sea fishing to netting for prawns and crabs in the Swan River, her Dad always inspired her to fish and eat local produce.

After working in the seafood industry for several years and gaining as much experience and understanding as possible, Lisa created Kombination Seafoods in 2017.  With a passion for supplying the everyday West Aussie with the finest quality local seafood at a reasonable price.  She is also a keen cook and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with freshest quality produce easily available for you to cook at home.  Lisa is committed to continually sourcing the finest quality local seafood and bringing a female presence to an often male-dominated industry.

Why Kombination?

While the idea for a seafood business was percolating in Lisa’s mind, she was spending her time driving a 1978 pop-top Kombi. Combining her passion for VW Kombi’s and seafood, Kombination Seafoods was born!

Give Lisa a call for deliveries on 0438 944 411