Sourcing West Australian Premium Seafood

Lisa personally selects all the seafood on offer.  She has spent a lot of time with local suppliers ensuring she had the right fit to receive the freshest quality seafood.  She found a local processor with direct relationships with local fisherman with the same passion, integrity and honesty to supply West Aussies with the freshest quality seafood.   You can talk with her anytime on where each and every piece of seafood is sourced from and when!

A selection of Fresh Clams.

Western Australia

We’re specialists in fresh seafood from Western Australia, and supply everything from clams and mussels to prawns and a variety of fresh fish fillets from our high-quality, trusted supplier in WA. Our reliable source of fresh WA seafood means you can always get the very best.

Australian Oysters

Although we are especially passionate about bringing you West Australian produce, on occasion other products are sourced from around Australia due to their outstanding quality.  Therefore, each week we supply Fresh Oysters, whole or shucked (and you can order them either way).  Oysters are a seasonal product, so they will either be sourced from South Australia, West Australia (Albany) or Tasmania.  Offering you a selection of sweet Pacific Oysters or creamy Rock Oysters.  Guaranteeing you the freshest oysters in Perth!  Lisa is also available for functions to shuck oysters for you.  Phone today to find out more.

South Australian Oysters


Tassie has an abundance of quality produce and we are proud to stock each week Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Roe On Scallops and Oysters (when available) from this beautiful region.  We are select in choosing the most sustainable sourced produce from this region so your certain to continue to receive the finest ethically fished produce when buying from Kombination Seafoods. To find out more about sourcing Tasmania’s stunning produce, call us today.

New Zealand

Kombination Seafoods stocks Fresh NZ King Salmon every week.  Also known as Chinook Salmon, this sought after fish is described as the wagyu of the sea due to its rich flavour and high fat content.   It’s has the highest levels of healthy omega 3’s and many other benefits to support your health.  Chosen from New Zealand’s most premium King Salmon producer, we are excited to sell this fish FRESH to you each week knowing its accredited for its sustainable practices.  It regularly sells out so call us today to order yours!

(Now also available Hot Smoked!)

A fresh piece of NZ Salmon.
Order Tassie oysters or NZ king salmon by calling 0438 944 411